We are a team of patriotic Egyptians who work along with the government on bonding the Egyptians abroad with the homeland, roots, and welcoming them as Egypt's loyal sons by inviting them to spend their vacations in their home country to support it during hardships. This idea was initiated by Hanan Gamal Taher, an Egyptologist who fell in love with her country head to heels, and the campaign was adopted by Egyptian governmental institutions. The idea started with "Awlad Misr" (Egypt's sons') institution which caters the Egyptian expats' matters abroad, and makes sure to bond them with their homeland. We are certain of Egypt's sons' response because we know how much they love Egypt and are willing to rush for its help whenever it needed during turmoil. Yes, with us and you we are capable of constructing new Egypt the strongest... Yes, with us and you Egypt will become the lady of the world because Egypt is the land of Kienana and the mother of the world.

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